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5 Natural means to intervene when you have a panic attack

1. A hot bath or shower relaxes the muscles and implicitly the nerve fibers, triggering a relaxation stimulus of the parasympathetic nervous system.

2. Aromatherapy - You can add to your bath water your favorite oils and perfumes (ideally natural) - lavender, orange, ylang ylang, bergamot, mint, eucalyptus ... all predispose to relaxation and sleep. It can be inhaled in a deodorant lamp or used with massage oil.

3. Relaxing music - If you add your favorite relaxing music to the bath or hot shower - it creates an even calmer atmosphere.

4. Light can also influence agitation and anxiety. So a lower light, lowering the blinds, lowering the light stimuli are preferred - and instead, the light from a scented candle.

5. Relaxation / Meditation Tapes - When you have a panic attack, a good calming influence has a guided relaxation meditation that can take anxiety by the hand. Especially if you are familiar with such guided relaxation bands, they will be even easier to apply when needed. They can be listened to directly from You Tube or from digital applications known as Sattva, Insight Timer, Calm, Headspace, ... Continue this practice for at least a few months - 1 year.

5. Calming Breathing - Inhale through your nose, long and slowly, first filling the lower and then upper lungs.

Hold your breath by counting to "three".

Exhale slowly through your lips as you relax the muscles of your face, jaw, shoulders and stomach. Practice this breathing at least 10 times for a few weeks. Use it every time you experience anxiety or a panic attack.

Another technique is the Soothing Counter for 90 seconds: Stay comfortable. Inhale long and deeply, exhale slowly, while saying the word "Relaxation". Close your eyes. Inhale naturally ten times. Count with each expiration, starting with "ten". in descending order. During this time, when you breathe comfortably, notice any tension, perhaps in the jaw, stomach or forehead. Imagine that these tensions diminish.

When you reach "One" open your eyes.

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