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                                   About Us 

                           WEllness alliance Mission 

     Welllness Alliance is a new established 501c3           charity -EIN -83-1932926 which mission is to            promote wellness and healthy living education 

and motivation into the community to medical 

and community entities , schools , universities, 

as well as to private clients; 

 Its role is to advocate for the reform of health care models , so that 

they will integrate all dimensions of health 

and will have a multidisciplinary holistic approach.

If you would like to support its activity , please donate directly on this site or at :

Another role is to advocate that preventive part of health care to be covered by all insurers and provided in all medical models. WELLNESS ALLIANCE promotes Health Education ,Preventive and Wellness based Care to legislators, community clinics , universities, 

 Learn more about our community involvement : Click here 


We advocate for legislation measures that support wellness and primary, secondary and tertiary prevention . Wellness Alliance supports integrative medicine and all traditional therapies to be integrated in the mainstream medical models.

Preventive care for all

Wellness Alliance has initiated a Petition for Preventive Care 

addressed to the legislators in NC and beyond -

 that supports integration of health education, coaching , 

and integrative medicine into the mainstream of medical care.

Preventive care for All-Learn More here

Join it with your signature here:



                   Roxana marinescu

Roxana Marinescu is the founder , CEO and executive director of Wellness Alliance that was established as a charitable organization in 2018. She has practiced as a bed side nurse for 8 years with a wide range of chronic patients, in North Carolina. She has earned her nursing degree at UNC Charlotte and continues with her master studies at Winston Salem State University. She  has completed a coaching program for healthcare professionals based on positive psychology -Wellcoaches. 

Since 2016 she has been offering  health coaching to disadvantaged chronic patients with a variety of conditions such as mental health, diabetes, cardiovascular-hypertension, emotional eating, overweight and obesity, in community clinics as well as distance health coaching to clients worldwide with mental and emotional conditions such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks.

She strongly believes that illness can be significantly improved and even completely healed with health education and coaching, based on most recent research, and a healthy lifestyle with new healthy routines. Her model of care is based on a multi disciplinary approach Mind Body and Soul

She has had awesome impact and results on her acute and chronic patients through not so long series of coaching sessions . She is motivated to take most challenged clients that have desire and motivation to work on themselves; her health coaching harmoniously intertwines with personal life development coaching ..

She is patient and thorough with her clients , and provides them with a comprehensive and clear plan about what to follow. She uses lots of useful resources , based on most recent research about their particular chronic illnesses.

Beside individual health coaching, she has engaged in influencing key community settings into adopting more wellness into their programs- 

She has addressed UNC Charlotte since 2016  to advocate for wellness measures for students on campus. Another objective is to advocate for the initiation of a 4 year wellness and integrative medicine program with local university. She advocates for the introduction of health prevention, wellness promotion and environment related friendly topics into the local UNC TV programs, as well as for supporting local talents, professionals and unc alumni . She has engaged in community advocacy with Mecklenburg Board of County Comissioners, as well as with local community clinics to which she promotes wellness programs , healthy living education and health caching for their chronic patient population.

Her favorite professors to which she always likes to return for inspiration and active community influence are:

 Dr David Langford PhD- Community Nursing , Dr Amy Peterman PhD- Health Psychology and Dr Mark DeHaven, PhD- Public Health from UNC Charlotte.

During her free time she enjoys travelling locally and internationally, hiking, meditating and practicing community yoga.

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