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corporate wellness programs

The Corporate Wellness programs that Wellness Alliance can initiate are based on a Wellness Consultancy and Coaching that it offers. This Consultancy has as objective the initiation of Measures to Improve the Health of the Employees , along with its Human Resources and decisional persons such as CEO and Board of Directors.

A first health measure that we could initiate would be that of Employee Health Education (online). We could create Health Education Campaigns on various topics of interest to employees. Examples of such topics would be: Healthy Nutrition, Weight Loss and Getting a Harmonious and Healthy Weight, Addictions and Giving Up - Responsible Control - Like to Smoking, Means to Improve Immunity

Improving Mood, Positive Emotions, the Prevention/Management of Depression, Methods of Relaxation, Benefits of Exercise, Healthy Sleep, ... and even specific topics if required: high blood pressure, sore throat and back pain, anxiety and panic attack, diabetes, healthy living in pregnancy.

This health education campaign could be offered in the form of a newsletter twice a week, a Health Activities Forum of the company, initiation of Practical Contests on Health Topics, an Internal Health Portal or even a Digital Health and Wellness Application.

Wellness Alliance can also provide services at the company's location, such as Individual Health Coaching for employees with chronic diseases - to assist them in Implementing a Healthy Lifestyle, in accordance with their condition. Scientific research specific to their disease condition is used.

The Benefits of Health Coaching: The employee begins to heal from within, by initiating new healthy routines, his chronic condition improves, decreases its suffering, aggravations, incidents of medical leave, health care costs and health insurance premiums.

Another area of ​​interest in which the Wellness Alliance can work is Improving the company's space for physical and emotional well-being, so that it hosts activities of relaxation, well-being and fitness.

Wellness Alliance initiates Healthy Eating Measure so that the Employees' Meals are of a superior quality, by collaborating with the nearby restaurants for healthy customized menus and Catering with Healthy Menus at its location.

Muscle relaxation exercises  will be designed in collaboration with physiotherapists, for the needs of employees

Physical exercise is promoted through opportunities for fitness and relaxation activities -  Cardio and Relaxation Exercises are planned with instructor or  Video Tapes, through Beginner and Advanced Classes - in the Morning and at noon Breaks.

We collaborate with Experts of Occupational Medicine to design Occupational Protection Programs and promote the well-being of employees, specific to industries.

Construction industry employees need protection against repetitive, contorted  movements, with the use of auxiliary equipment.

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