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Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Our First community clinic served

Charlotte Community Clinic in 2012 - while offering nursing , we proposed research based health educational tools to increase awareness and health education for chronic populations; we advocated for more quality time with each patient in health coaching, different approach for minority populations  and have the clinic reformed under health promotion paradigm. For that purpose, we addressed their main sponsor in 2017 and 2018 , as well as NC Community Clinics Association to show the flaws and advocate for reforming the clinic in favor of diversity, health promotion , an agile, flexible and diverse leadership model.

UNC Charlotte

We started collaborating with UNC Charlotte since 2009. We proposed a new program for master for nurse practitioners, that was accomplished in 2011. We advocated for wellness initiatives such as  more healthy foods and snacks available on campus, decrease consuming of  alcohol beverages  at events, more comprehensive offerings with the Career Counselling Center,  and Psychological Services Center, business career empowerment for nurses, social justice and human rights initiatives, an interfaith Meditation Room,ecological parking and transportation emancipation, grants for nursing students to accomplish  their final projects as well as other initiatives, new model holistic of care for the student health center . 

a holistic wellness course

We started by designing the holistic framework for a Wellness Course in 2014 and completed in 2016, that was submitted to UNC Charlotte Department of Nursing and Winston Salem State University Nursing Department . The course has theoretical and practical sections and modules , and experiential applications in which students are engaged to research, create , connect and brainstorm ideas , insights, go out in the field, interview the experts , experiment a specific healing therapy of preference.

mathews Free Community Clinic 

We addressed in 2016 the clinic on health promotion and a holistic model of care . We visited this clinic twice, the second  time, we provided them with a more thorough evaluation and recommendations in 2017. The clinic has improved in the health education offered in the lobby , expansion of specialties and offering of health coaching. It still needs to be more holistic ,integrate more complementary therapies, health coaching on a more frequent basis for chronic populations, and psychotherapy , adopt an updated mental health model , that integrates positive psychology over the classical DSM diagnosis based approach, offer life coaching, life and health resources and workshops on different topics.

bethesda community clinic-  for hispanic population- charlotte- 2015-now camino 

We approached twice the clinic with wellness promotion initiatives, early in 2015 , and 2016 the clinic has been resistant at that time, two years after,  they introduced the first Zumba , yoga, maternal yoga , dance classes, a new gym hall inside their newly built church and a second location for their clinic. They added a mental health section with therapeutic  counseling  and their own  financial advising service.

Refugee initiative with Local churches and international house-2017

We provided International House with a proposal for refugee empowerment through education and thorough initial screening for potential, talents, aspirations and pre existing disadvantaging conditions. Counselling services encouraged from the beginning of their arrival. We proposed  Mentoring Programs here and to local churches  to pair refugees with mentors and mentoring families belonging to  different churches.

united methodist church - shalom Project -community medical clinic -of winston salem 2016

We collaborated with the clinic in 2015-2016 , while we provided wellness coaching and education,  and materials .We proposed a program grant sponsored of health education and health coaching, tailored to diverse cultural backgrounds ,a holistic model that includes more complementary specialties , healthy foods cafeteria, research based pilot program on how healthy foods can influence specific health conditions and improve overall health, wellness activities for their patient populations. Most of the recommendations are still on hold. The clinic since then has initiated a spiritual inter faith book club, a prayer and mindfulness class, yoga class for young , healthy meals led by a chef for their group dinners.

Community Clinic Mooresville

We visited the clinic in 2017 and recommended as a starter to have its lobby reformed and organized with health and wellness materials as well as to offer more comprehensive wellness services, based on a holistic model .

catholic church charlotte 2016

We visited twice their support groups for mental health and proposed a more positive approach to their mental health  DBA groups ,motivational literature and presentations for mental health improvement . As a consequence they introduced GALLUP one on one Coaching Service and  invited to speak for their young community  the  first class Australian motivational  speaker and author Mathew Kelly, suggested by us .

United Methodist church charlotte 2018

We recommended for their cardiac health poster board - taken from  Sanger Clinic -holistic wellness based knowledge. Consequently, they started to offer wellness booklets on various topics in their church lobby .

promotion of a Holistic model of care 

-nov 2018

We presented Wellness Alliance proposed holistic model of care to the CO Founder of Beacon Health Care , envisioned for progressive reformed medical clinics .

reforming into a holistic model of care for student health center  -unc charlotte

-nov 2018

Wellness Alliance proposed a holistic model of care for Student Health Center to UNC Charlotte Center for Wellness Promotion and  Chancellor 's Office .

emotional awareness workshop-Dec 2018

Wellness Alliance submits to the Center for Gifted Education Exceptional Child Romania a proposed framework for a workshop for Emotional Awareness ,level 1- elementary school- for parents .

Healthcare and environmental Policy Advocacy 

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Medicare for All march in 2015

Because we believe that health care access is an important factor to one' s well being ,we engaged with advocacy for health care access for all in 2015 -Raleigh together wit Rev Rodney Sadler and health care access advocate former Congress repr. Joel Segal.

Presbyterian Church charlotte 2015

Because we believe that environmental well being determines the overall population well being , we joined environmental advocacy groups starting with activity hosted by Presbyterian Church Providence Rd Charlotte,  against pollution and climate change . 

Sierra Club and maha Environmental actions 2017

We engaged in environmental town hall meeting, along Sierra Club, Clean Air, Greenpeace, ...and in environmental March against pollution  in  Washington DC 2017.

presbyterian church charlotte 2018 

We engaged in 2018 with the Coalition NC  for Single Payer in healthcare where we advocated for the need of promoting prevention and wellness based regulations in healthcare as a first step and a tool to reduce illness.

healthcare and environmental policy proposals 2018 

We wrote a draft for a healthcare policy proposal ... and one with environmental focus on air pollution that were posted on in 2018 , promoted on a meetup group Charlotte Community Health, and submitted to the NCNA -North Carolina Nurses Association.

advocating for healthcare reform-2017

We wrote to the NC and SC legislators about the need for growing work opportunities in the wellness industry to be covered and funded as well about  the significance of space improvement to predispose to well being , at macro level, city design for poor neighborhoods and new healthcare housing concepts for rehab .

advocating for healthcare access for all- January 2019 -Queens University- Charlotte City Government-BOCC

We continue advocating for  the movement for healthcare access for all - with the group: Health Care Justice-NC 

Environmental advocacy-with sierra club- & other community organizations -January 2019

Wellness Alliance supports community actions to protect environment. We advocate for protective measures that support a clean environment .This action was to advocate for protective measures for coal ash in NC with Duke Power and Department of Environmental Quality .


Wellness Alliance participated on events celebrating  the life of Martin Luther King and African American community - with Johnson C.Smith University and Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture

charlotte City Government- budget 2019-2020 community hearings

Wellness Alliance joined community members and charitable organizations for Charlotte-Mecklenburg County for the 2019-2020 Budget hearings and submitted two documents - supporting private wellness jobs and measures  in the state sector inside county department medical clinics,  public health department medical clinics , schools and prisons; prisons emancipation into corporate wellness ; parks renovation for sustainable entertainment ,community education and empowerment; elderly protection against abuse , nursing facilities reform. 

Atrium Health -proposal for sponsorship and collaboration -february 2019 -to the Sponsorship program for business women and minorities

Wellness Alliance has submitted a proposal for collaboration with Atrium Health -improving medical model-outpatient clinics- as well as sponsorship for initiating community wellness programs in the region.

Wellness Alliance proposals for Atrium Health consist into initiating a more comprehensive health and wellness patient awareness and education phase at the check in , in the outpatient clinics with wellness questionnaires, wellness bookstore, wellness poster boards with wellness resources( local events and activities, online resources and books) ,  clinic health coach, weekly health coaching sessions for chronic patients , health and wellness classes for all patients , not only those already that have reached acute phases. 

Camino Community clinic - December 2018 -February 2019 

Wellness Alliance has submitted a new proposal to Camino leadership and UNC Charlotte in regards to the Fitness/ Wellness Center of Camino -supporting use and empowerment of Hispanic professionals in wellness and medical departments of the clinic and wellness center, as well with ideas for renovating and a new design for the  gym, lobby and outdoor space for the yoga and fitness center. Wellness Alliance has submitted to Prof. Mark De Haven - the Chair of Board of Directors a proposal regarding introducing a network of health coaches for the Camino Clinic( in the clinic and over the phone for weekly follow ups ) , mostly of Latin background. Wellness Alliance is supporting training of new health coaches from Latin background, while using at first step accredited coaches. Wellness Alliance supports the introduction of a new health and wellness bookstore and library in the new building space of  Camino Center together with a cafe for relaxation at the checking in of the clinic.

Advocacy for preventive care

meeting  with community organizations for Healthcare Justice 

queens university -meeting community organizations for improved medicare for all -february 10-th-

Wellness Alliance joins community organizations of Charlotte for healthcare reform, and health coverage for all : Action NC, Carolina Jews for Justice, Charlotte Nat.Org. For Women, Charlotte Women's March, Democratic Women of Meckl. County, ,DSA, Greenspoon Center for Peace and Social Justice, League of Women's Voters, Poor People Campaign, Reproductive Rights Coalition .

  Wellness Alliance advocates for preventive care measures at all levels: schools, universities, clinics and prisons, together with a holistic model of care,  including health education, coaching, psychology , diverse complementary medicine that should be included as equal option in the model of care .

community advocacy -february 2019 -with alianza de venezuelanos de charlotte-

Wellness Alliance is supporting Venezuelan Community into the transition for democratic reform, human rights preservation and spiritual dignity. Together with members of the Venezuelan Community and Alianza de Venezuelanos  en Charlotte, Wellness Alliance has engaged in advocacy for the new governmental change and interimar President of Venezuela.

International work -with children charitable organizations 

Wellness Alliance has started to support with modest amounts two orphanages from Romania and has submitted two materials to a charitable organization working with them about enriching the lives of children in orphanages and recommendations to improve their charitable service .

 Program pentru copii asociatii non profit Romania-Propunere de program de stare de bine si dezvoltare personala pentru copiii din camine de copii Romania 2018 ; Prezentare pentru copii si adolescenti clasele 1-12 - Cum sa ne purtam si imbracam 

International work -with the state university -2017-present

Wellness Alliance has started in 2017 til now to promote wellness measures to leadership at UPB University Politehnica of Bucharest, advocating and guiding into measures to extend student healthy living and fun activities and experience as well as for improving campus and dorms look. Wellness Alliance has reached to the Chancellor Office and different Student Associations such as LSA( Ligue of Students from Computer Science) and UNSR ( National Union of Romanian Students ) to motivate reform of campus look and of student experience into healthy living, student connectivity and student connection with school. Wellness Alliance has advocated for the strong significance of the role of alumni community and for the role that alumni community can play for revitalizing the fundraising for university and for contributing to university life. As a consequence of its influence, the Alumni Association UPB  was born in 2017 , and a year later the Platform for Alumni Community in 2018 , FB page and an alumni association web site with donations options. Wellness Alliance still advocates for privatizing funding for the university and future growth of a Foundation for the University.

International work -with nursing school -2017

Wellness Alliance has advocated to Carol Davila Nursing School of Bucharest for holistic multi dimensional wellness and preventive education and research based nursing education , based on knowledge found on different data bases, as well for advancing the status of school to college level , with the possibility in the future to be advanced to bachelor and master nursing level. Two years later Carol Davila has advanced its level to college . 

Advocacy for preventive care

meeting  with state legislators at a listening session in south charlotte

On March 16-th 2019, Wellness Alliance presented in Charlotte, North Carolina, in front of State Legislators a proposal for healthcare reform that would require the mandatory introduction of wellness services into the current model of care - at all levels, clinics, hospitals  and community health facilities , that together with complementary therapies to be covered comprehensively by health insurances. In this way patients of all backgrounds affected by chronic illness will be thoroughly engaged in healthy living education , awareness and motivation tools and resources and will be offered equal options for complementary therapies that are proven to have less adverse effects, are more long term reliable and less addictive. The legislation proposal contains also requirements for wellness for corporate and small businesses, that would protect their employees and customers health. Their wellness service would be initiated through a customized academic program, specific for their industry, that would need to be acquired, on a regular basis, as a part of their licensure . 

Advocacy for preventive care

Campaign for prevention promotion- Usr- the comitee for health- 

bucharest-romania- march 2019-march 2020 

Wellness Alliance has promoted community health measures : such as programs for new mothers to prevent depression 

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Wellness Feedback for Service 2017-2018

Wellness Alliance at times writes basic reviews about health related businesses such as restaurants and stores, ( schools, city council,park and recreation department)  e-mailed to corporate or/ and posted on Yelp, Facebook .

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Campaign for saving the trees for  Christmas nov -dec 2017-2018

Wellness Alliance has involved with annual environmental campaign for saving the trees on the occasion of Christmas , made public to local Environmental groups , mass media, corporations  and churches.


Wellness Alliance Inc. has been founded in 2018 as a charitable non profit , with focus on community health and wellness, healthcare and  health related environmental policy advocacy  with headquarter in Delaware.

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