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preventive care for all

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Wellness Alliance Inc is a community health and wellness focused charity, and will start a grassroots advocacy to support its objectives- for health care reform and preventive care promotion.

Wellness Alliance plans to promote at community events its campaign for the introduction of preventive, wellness care / healthy living and complementary therapies for all patients to be covered and offered in the current medical model .

Our future healthcare needs to focus first line on preventive and wellness care.

We need a- PREVENTIVE CARE FOR ALL -LEGISLATIVE INITIATIVE to reform the current way health care is done and businesses are regulated.

Schools need to provide multidimensional health and wellness education pre-K -12 with practical activities by professional instructors with expertise in that field. Students need to access equally all healing therapies since little, including one on one motivational coaching, emotional and psychological consultation, and complementary therapies that are more long term effective and less addictive. As well as upper levels of higher education institutions (to substitute for the lack of health and wellness education that was not offered in schools)

Medicare, Medicaid and all current health insurances to be required to offer their subscribers evidence-based health and wellness education, with engaging workshops, real and virtual activities, on different topics and ranges of age and equal exposure, promotion and coverage to natural healing mainstream traditional therapies, to the less invasive, with less adverse effects, and more long term effective .

As a patient protective measure, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes need to be required by their payers to offer as a first step approach and in a continuous process, comprehensive wellness programs, including health education and coaching, and multidimensional wellness activities.

One category is for example the pre-natal wellness care and wellness programs for elderly.

Businesses and public institutions to be required to enroll in a continuous customized for their industry, wellness and occupational education ( with weekly, monthly information, self completed quizzes and an annual examination process) . They will receive weekly newsletters with best practices in their industry, through programs specifically designed by wellness specialized accredited universities. They will have to complete assignments based on their knowledge learned.

Businesses will also receive best industry practices and guidelines about their products and services, in order to avoid commercializing toxic products. They will be incentivized to best follow the best guidelines.

Final objective will be that businesses and public institutions to be required to offer wellness and upgraded occupational care for their employees. They will be encouraged/incentivized to offer healthy food on premises, sports and relaxation on premises, frequency of relaxation breaks, protection against occupational hazards, use of machinery to protect against occupational human damage, wellness programs, best hiring and firing practices.

We need a change in the paradigm we care for our health-


And we need this reform to start NOW, with the simplest

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