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private health and wellness coaching

You Can better your Health!

Together we can accomplish big health and well being progress!

I am a nurse who has worked with a wide range of chronic patients. I have attended master in nursing and completed a wellness coaching course based on Positive psychology Wellcoaches.

Our coaching session is holistic integrating body-mind and soul. If you suffer from a chronic illness, you will be offered research resources to cope and manage better. I can also help people with mental health illness.

For great health and happiness we assess how well balanced you are in (7) areas of your life:

1. Healthful eating

2. Physical Activity

3. Stress management and relaxation

4. Sleep

5. Social connection

6. Professional satisfaction, meaning and hobbies

7. Spiritual support

We will talk about your current health challenges and conditions, for which I will give you research based recommendations.

We will set up a wellness objective for the following months, based on your most significant health priorities.

We will create together a Wellness Vision Board and a Plan.

Your goals will be simple

"Every day is a fresh start!" 

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