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Charitable projects that need support 

We love the creation journey

  wellness platform for orphanages 

This Platform will connect  wellness providers with their sponsors and Romanian nationwide orphanages.  Local wellness providers will be invited to provide workshops, classes and one on one consultations in the areas of personal development, career and life coaching, tutoring, fitness, health, psychological and emotional education . Sponsors will be able to pay directly the providers after the last ones complete their lesson/visit. 

wellness workshops platform

This platform serving in US will be able to promote wellness workshops to different nationwide locations( bookstores, libraries, retirement communities, stores)  . Each location will present a schedule 7 days a week , from the morning til evening  with wellness workshops for community motivation, education and empowerment. They will be hosted by local wellness professionals who will have the opportunity to present a health topic but as well to promote their practice. 

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