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WELLNESS ALLIANCE supports a new model of care that is multidimensional and takes into consideration The Mind Body and Soul Paradigm.

Wellness Alliance offers Medical Clinics wellness consultancy and coaching in the management of chronic illness based on Scientific Research. The benefits of these services are : Improvement of health condition and life quality, reduction of aggravations, recurrences , need for hospitalization, and implicitly of costs.

There is the need that wellness and preventive programs for chronic patients to be covered by health insurances .Through wellness coaching and education, the chronic patient will be sustained toward a healthier lifestyle and healthier routines. There is a necessity that legislators require all health insurances to cover wellness services for chronic patients, such as health coaching and education, specific wellness workshops and activities.

Wellness Alliance offers consultancy about space improvement of interior and exterior clinic space, for the optimization of physical and emotional wellbeing of staff and clients. Space needs to host theoretical and practical classes, workshops, support groups. Examples of such classes are: fitness and relaxation-stress management classes for pregnant women, cancer patients, cardiac patients, healthy eating, with practical demonstrations, classes for diabetics, cardiac patients,weight management classes, meditation, yoga, pilates. Wellness Alliance offers consultancy related to lobby of the clinic so that it will be able to healthy snacks and drinks, in order to promote well being.

Wellness Alliance in collaboration with the clinic can offer banners, posters, videos that inspire well being and healthy lifestyle.

Wellness Alliance offers wellness coaching and education to chronic patients , in person as well as distance-one option to be to have first encounter at the clinic and the following individual sessions to be virtually.

Coaching sessions consist of setting small and simple health goals and following general principles of healthy living. These services are offered per need, in collaboration with psychologists, nutritionists, ...

Wellness Alliance also can initiate support groups for chronic diseases sufferers, led by specialists in the field as well as by survivors in the form of weekly meetings. Support groups can be created for pregnant women, patients with anxiety, diabetes, ..cancer.

Another service that Wellness Alliance can offer are educational Brochures for chronic patients as well as informative banners, and videos with Healthy Living Principles for chronic conditions.

It can as well contribute to the creation of an Internal Clinic Wellness Portal and digital wellness applications to educate and motivate enrolled patients about their wellness goals.

The portal will also post clinic and local wellness classes and support groups.

Wellness Alliance provides patients with digital and paper Community Wellness Resources, books and can create a wellness department that will inform the patient of existing local resources.

Wellness Alliance also connects the clinic with specialized service providers. At the beginning, their expertise is evaluated to offer classes to sick people and their possible retraining, so that the level of these classes is adapted to the limited capacity of the participants. The specifics of such instructors and classes include topics such as: Mindfulness and meditation techniques, stress management, relaxation, healthy nutrition, movement motivation, dance, tai chi, physical therapy, .... Other activities for groups of chronic diseases to be book clubs that will discuss different books pertinent to certain conditions They would be led by a specialist in that disease and familiar with accessing scientific research in the field with the most relevant materials.

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