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what si health coaching and what benefits it brings?

Health Education and Coaching represent a partnership between the coach and the client, in which the client is assisted with emotional , motivational support as well as appropriate informations related to his condition, according to the most recent scientific research.The focus on this health journey is put on motivating the client to acquire new healthy habits and routines; The coach is watching his progress, evaluates his current level, and recommends solutions to follow , letting him to decide which one fits best. Together they create long and short term objectives concerning health and personal growth, that intertwine. Health coaching is successfully used for clients with chronic illness, as anxiety, depression, panic, addictions, smoking, alcohol, cardiovascular illness,like hipertension, obesity,… Health Coaching is accessible because it can booked immediately and the consultation can be comfortably taken while at home; its cost varies but it is less expensive than a psychological visit. It is offered virtually and it is recommended to be received on a regular basis, long enough to work on all profound issues to solve, establish objectives and new healthy routines that bring healing.The health coach has the role of a mentor and trainer for his client. They sustain him on the path to regain his health, listens to his worries and offers him a positive perspective , immediately applicable and concrete recommendations ,taken from science, with no adverse effect involved.As a consequence , the client becomes more positive, proactive and responsible regarding his actions that influence directly his health. What a client discusses with a health coach? Mainly they discuss his current state, his challenges, frustrations and limitations with current treatment.Then the coach guides them, on the good and the positive measures that the client can implement , progressively and comfortably, that will determine the improvement of their illness and even the dissolution of bothering symptoms.After a coaching session, the client will feel optimistic, confident in his potential and power of self healing. The session itself is pleasant,energizing and inspiring, focusing on the client’s positive aspects, strengths and deep aspirations related to health and personal growth.Consequently a health coaching session combines organically with a multidimensional personal growth session.Long term objective between a client and a coach is that the client to adopt new healthy routines and habits that will improve his overall illness/condition. So that they will not remain for life the slave of pharmacological interventions, but will reduce the need for them and substitute with healthy activities. The change that will take place will bring a profound resolution of their health problems and reduction of their recurrences and aggravations. They will therefore earn their freedom against their debilitating condition and strengthen their self healing power of their own body.

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